Trigger Warning: Girls in need of grace.

Today I went to an event at a church in the inner city of Flint, Michigan. When my husband and I started out in ministry he pastored a church just a few blocks away, at the Flint Eastside Mission.
It was over ten years of miracles and heartbreaks. Pouring your heart into people, only to have it broken in the end, over and over again. It is not for the faint of heart or unprayed to do work on the front lines of ministry.

But I was reminded today of what God can do with a life redeemed for His glory. We heard stories today that could have come from the worst of the worst horror stories. Stories of molestation, physical abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, promiscuity, human trafficking, despair and attempted suicide.

Again this week I have to say, “But God,”

As one woman said after she’d told a story of a life full of every horror or tragedy you can (or cannot) imagine,

“I thought writing this would bring up all the old pain, but all I could see on every page was Jesus. How He was there, and how He rescued me.”

The guest speaker, who has a ministry that helps those caught in human trafficking, talked about going into the strip clubs to minister to the dancers. She said,

“I haven’t met that dancer yet who is dancing to pay for college. Every single one I’ve met has had their body violated from childhood. There are no 21 year old women up there dancing on those poles. They are 8 and 9 year old little girls who feel they have no power over their own body.”

These are girls in desperate need of grace, and hope, and love.
These are the redemption stories that need to be told.
I believe God has called me to tell them.
Just as my daughters University had the slogan; “Education with a Christian Purpose”, I want my books to be “Entertainment with a Christian Purpose”.

What does that mean for the future books I may write once I am done with the ‘Midnight Sun’ Trilogy?
Only God knows, but I gave myself to Him to be used for his Glory all those years ago, and where He leads I will follow.

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