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Romans 1:1-7

This is Blog Post #2 in our study of Paul’s Epistle to the Romans. For Post #1 click here.

Step 1: Read Romans 1:1-7. Write it out on index cards and put it in the places you spend the most time. Beside your favorite chair, on the refrigerator, under the sun visor is your car. Write down any words you don’t understand, or want to know more about, in your notebook. For instance, we looked up the word ‘Apostle’ in the Bible dictionary. Write the definitions in your notebook.

Step 2: Read the Bible study notes in your Study Bible. You can also go here. Write anything you want to remember in your notebook.

Step 3: Follow the cross-references usually found in the center margin of most Study Bibles. See if they give you any new or deeper insights. Write them down in your notebook. You can find them online here.

Step 4. Now that you have gathered all this information you are ready to ask yourself the 3 questions we call ‘The 3 question Method of Bible Study’. Write your answers in your notebook.

1. What does it say? What was Paul saying to his audience?

2. What are the timeless truths? What spiritual truths are found in the passage that are true for all people at all times?

3. What is God trying to say to ME through his word? This is the application question.   The answer to this question will be personal to you. You are in a different place spiritually than anybody else. God wants to speak to you right where you are. This will take time. Don’t move on until you’ve heard from God. How long will it take? I can’t tell you. Wait as long as it takes. This is where listening prayer comes in.

How to do Listening Prayer.

  1. Read over what you’ve written in your notebook. Read the passage as many times as you need to. Meditate on the passage.
  2. Ask God to speak to you through this passage. Have your notebook and pen ready.
  3. Be silent and wait.
  4. Write down whatever comes to your mind. Write it all down, even if it seems silly. (God once led me to a song from Phantom of the Opera which I thought was a distraction but ended up being the answer to my prayer.) When you feel you’re done thank Him for speaking to you.
  5. Now read what you wrote down? Do you feel God answered your prayer about how to apply this passage to your life?

Yes. Great! Apply it! Now you can move on.

No. Try again tomorrow. Repeat all the steps. Keep trying until He answers. Don’t move on until you get an answer.

Want a more in-depth lesson on how to do listening prayer, click here.

(Note: Go as deep as you want to in steps 1-3, or skip them all together if you must. You may also add steps; like reading commentaries, or looking up the words in the original Greek, doing word studies etc. God once asked me to diagram the sentences. It’s all up to you.)

Stay tuned for Post #3 where I tell you the answers I got to the questions in Romans 1:1-7.

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