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Life’s Journeys

I originally posted this a few years ago. I have moved forward in lifes Journey’s and published my first novel; ‘Lost in the Land of the Midnight Sun‘, which hit #1 in the Kindle Christian Fantasy category on Amazon a couple weeks ago.

I have been a co-host on the Christian Indie Writer’s Podcast for over 2 years now.

My son is 17 and getting ready to graduate, and I have a beautiful granddaughter named Athena, whom we all adore.

Some things may have changed, but my journey continues. 


I have often heard the saying ‘Life is a Journey” but I think Life is a series of Journey’s. Sometimes one journey ends and then another begins. However, more often there are several journeys going on at once in our lives. That is where my life is right now. There is the journey of writing my first novel and learning all the things that go along with that. My son and I are also on a journey of Homeschooling. This is our third year of Homeschooling and so far we are loving this journey. I am also on a spiritual journey. This has been a lifetime journey that has taken me through many lessons and times of growth, joy, grief and any other emotion you can think of. There is also the journey of our family. Marriage, children growing up, parents getting older and all those moments that happen in families. I’m sure if I thought long and hard enough I could come up with others, and I believe all of us are on many different journeys at any given time and that is just how life is.

In the journey of writing my first novel that I plan to try to get published, I have made the decision to resurrect this blog that has been lying dormant for almost 6 years. I will be sharing with all of you that writing journey but I may also write about all those other journeys also. Because that is life, complicated and interwoven. One journey affects all the others and vice versa.

So I invite you to follow me on my journeys and yell at me if it’s been too long since I shared.

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