Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Daze

It seems I haven’t posted anything since April 8th. I really have no excuse except that April was CampNano.(A month long crazy writing challenge) The awesome writing group I belong to (FLAWS) went on a writing retreat to Rogers City. After that, there were preparations for my daughter’s wedding, which was May 6th. Did I mention I got a job as a Web Search Evaluator somewhere in there, working 19 hours a week? I also got a regular freelance writing job, writing 5 articles a week.
So anyway, today I had a couple hours to myself so I decided to download a week’s free trial of PhotoShop and play around with it. I took a couple pictures my dad took in the seventies and combined them to create the banner at the top of this blog site. What do you think?

I have given myself a goal to write on my blog at least once a week, so hopefully, you haven’t missed me too much and will stick with me a bit longer.
I have no other daughters to get married, so there’s that. 😀

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