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Am I a Poet?

The other day I was listening to this Writing Excuses Podcast. It featured a guest speaker named Linda Addison, who is a famous writer and poet. At the end of the podcast she challenged us to write what she called a “life poem” using the line. “Driving through the tears”. Let’s just say I was inspired. A poem immediately just seemed to pop into my mind. So I tweeted it. Mentioning Linda in the tweet.

Here is my poem:

Driving through the tears

pulling strength from deep within

Biting back bitter words

Head held high, I walk away

I must admit it was pretty exciting when Linda followed me, favorited my tweet,and even commented on it. Does that give me bragging rights? I don’t know, one poem?

What was REALLY exciting though, was how listening to that podcast, thinking about poetry in a different way, and even writing that poem affected me. Suddenly I see poetry everywhere!

One example was a funeral that my husband officiated on Tuesday. The Pastor always follows the lead car and leads the hearse. My husband has an eye condition that makes driving slowly behind another car difficult, so I usually play chauffeur in these instances. As I was sitting in the car, looking out over the cemetery, this poem came to me.

Cemeteries are lonely places

People huddle with their grief in the spaces between stones

Time moves on

So do the people; but the stones remain

Is it good enough to publish. I don’t know. But it is another way for me to use my words, and it makes me feel something I can’t explain. I kinda like this new way of looking at life.

If I write any more poems I’ll be sure to share them with you.

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I’d love to hear your comments and read any poems you’ve written in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Am I a Poet?

  1. I feel blessed to inspire you to write such wonderful poetry. Sorry honey, you are a poet. It’s about writing out the music, not sales and awards that make you a poet. And these are wonderful.

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